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Amazing juicing software instantly cranks out healthy juice recipes from the ingredients you already have in your kitchen so you can increase energy, add anticancer fighting agents and antioxidants to your diet for healthier living.

Watch the short video below to see how easy it is to use the special juice software and access the software below.
You get 100+ Healthy Juice Recipes! (Doctor and Nutritionist Approved)


100+ Healthy Juicer Recipes!

The exclusive "Juice Suggester" software makes it easy for you to access 100+ different healthy, nutrition packed, fruit and vegetable recipes to help you gain more energy, add anticancer fighting agents and helps lose weight.

For Limited time Get Instant Access for only $97.

(We have unlimited email support with thousands who have used and loved it )

One of our thousands of advocates wrote an email to us  so we posted it below so you can read a real persons account after using the software...


Hi, my name is David Alan, and I got into juicing in a "big way" about 3 years ago.

I Love It...

Juicing has helped me improve my health, shed many pounds, and boosted my energy level "the natural way". I have had more fun and enjoyment making juices than any other method I have tried. It's a great lifestyle... and I love to share what I know with others trying to make positive healthy lifestyle changes.

However There Was A Problem...

I quickly found out that if I wanted to make a variety of juices, I would have to spend lots of time learning new juicer recipes. That meant constantly flipping through books and magazines to find a juice that sounded good. I would then go to the refrigerator and see if I had the neccesary ingredients only to find that i was missing one or two critical fruits or vegetables.

If you are like me, you don't have "tons of time" to research and learn new recipes... you just want to gather your ingredients and "juice away".

There Had To Be A Better Way...

And there was... I teamed up with Dr. Jer and used  the  "Exclusive Juice Suggester" to save time and put the fun back into juicing. Imagine being able to open your refrigerator, pick out a few items and in seconds have multiple recipes that you can make. It's the perfect tool to help you stay on your diet and live a healthy lifestyle.

 The Juice Suggester makes juicing fun
 Eliminates the hassle of finding new juices
 The Juice Suggester makes juicing easy
Just punch ingredients into your computer to create juices "on demand"
 The Juice Suggester eliminates the hassle of finding new juice recipes
 Over 100 vitamin packed juicer recipes at your fingertips
 With the Juice Suggester you can easily print out customized shopping lists
 Just print and go to the supermarket


Begin Your Wellness Journey Now...

Imagine being able to open your refrigerator, pick out a few items and in seconds have multiple recipes that you can make. Not only will the "Juice Suggester" save you tons of time, but you will be able to quickly and easily create over 100 fruit and vegetable recipes using my simple software juicing program.

Everybody knows that juicing is the fastest, completely natural way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Now it is easy.Never again will you be bored with the same old health routine. You will have an arsenal of healthy recipes just a couple of mouse clicks away.

Use Easy Juice Juice Suggester software for only $97! You will be given immediate access to download and start using the software..

Please note: This special  price
is only guaranteed for a limited time because we are working on a new version. It is only a one time payment of  $97



When you click the "Buy Now" link you will arrive at a Paypal Secure Payment page which quickly and clearly takes you through the payment process.


As Good As I Say Or Your Money Back!

I am so sure that you will find the  " Exclusive Juice Suggester" the quickest, and easiest way to make these delicious juices, that I want you to try it out "risk free".

Just try the " Exclusive Juice Suggester" for a full 3 months. If you are not able to instantly create over 100 juice recipes with a few clicks of the mouse, then just let me know and I will refund your entire purchase price.

But That's Not All You Get!

Just for trying out Juice Software today I am giving away these additional special bonuses:


   Bonus #1: Smoothies For Athletes

126 rich nutrition packed smoothies specifically designed to maximize energy and boost athletic performance. Make one of these and put a little extra power in your day.

   Bonus #2: Free Email support For Life

Thats right! We are here for you every step of the way. If you purchase the " Exclusive Juice Suggester" today we give you free email support for life as we have thousands of happy customers!

 juice software comes with a full 100% money back guarantee!

Just try out the  " Exclusive Juice Suggester" risk free for up to 3 months. If it is not as quick and easy a I say, I will refund your money in full within your 3 month trial period. You can even keep the bonus ebook... no questions asked!

Give the " Exclusive Juice Suggester" 3 month "risk free" trial!

You Are Only Minutes Away From Getting Started...

When you click on the link and order   " Exclusive Juice Suggester" you will be able to instantly download and install this amazing time saving software. If you're ready to "jump start" your health routine, or put back some fun into your diet, you will be up and running in minutes. Open up that refrigerator, dust off that juicer, and get ready to roll.

Get your copy of the Exclusive Juice Suggester software for a one time payment of $97! You will be given immediate access to the download link.

Please note: This special introductory price is for a limited time.



When you click the "Buy Now" link you will arrive at a Paypal Secure Payment page which quickly and clearly takes you through the payment process


To your health!

David Alan and Dr. Jeremy

PS: Even if you take me up on the "100% money back" offer, the 138 smoothies for athlete recipes are your to keep. I want to make it as easy and risk free as I can for you to get started.

PPS: With my free lifetime customer support offer, you will always have access to ask questions. Order today and start enjoying!



Easy Juice Software
Chicago, IL
contact: drweisz (at) drweisz.com

*We respond to email within 24 hours*


SEE BELOW for another Customer Testimonial who has used the software:


Dr. Jer,
Thanks so much for taking such a special interest in our mission. 
Please bare with us as we try to explain in a very short letter what has brought us to this point.
In Nov. ”97 my wife and I were in a head on collision, which left me in a wheelchair for six months.  Between 1997 and 2006 I have gone through 14 auto accident related surgeries.   I went from about 250 pounds to 500 pounds in less than three years.   Pain pills will do that you know.
2004 I had gastric by pass surgery and dropped to 290 pounds within 8 months and reached a plateau.  Exercise was not an option because of my joint and physical limitations.  
In the spring of 2008, we started on a vegan diet and adopted juicing into our daily lives with 85% of the diet being raw.  I dropped down to 240 pounds in less then 3 months.  Now I sleep better with less brain fog.  I have more energy, no more sleep apnea, plus my blood pressure is back to normal and no more psoriasis.  By the way I’m 62, I have a full head of hair and I can count the number of gray hairs on two hands.  My Dad and brother were both bald and gray by the age of 45. 
in January 2009, about six months after starting the vegan diet, I admitted myself into the Emergency Department with heart palpitations.  I was admitted and went through a CT scan the next morning.  The CT Tech I had is a guy I had worked with previous to our accident, said to me after the scan ”Vernon, I don’t see any build up in your arteries.  Are you eating differently?”  This was the second CT scan I had since the gastric by pass so he did have something to compare it with.  I can only attribute the clear arteries to the juicing and vegan lifestyle.   
In the spring of 1998, we used our settlement from the auto accident to build a small retail greenhouse business.  From 1998 until Aug. 2004 we were doing very well until two different companies sprayed herbicide near our nursery killing $116,000 worth of plants.  It broke our hearts and threw us into a financial downward spin.  To this day we have not seen a penny to cover those costs which we lost and we may never see a cent.  But we press forward with the ambition of helping people to become healthier in many ways.
After the spray damage, we put our lives into +God’s hands.  He has led us to teach people how to become healthier by giving us different tools to work with.  Today, from you, came another tool with which we will take special care.  You cannot believe how grateful we are for that tool (juicing software).
We were always without good juicing recipes and had to settle for juicing 5 pounds of carrots with one bunch of celery and 5 apples weekly.  Great tasting but boring after a month or so.  During our Health Minister training, we were taught not to repeat the same ingredients for seven days in a row.  In repeating the same ingredients for more than seven days a person can build up alkaloids in their body and feel sickly, sort of like de-toxing, you know…. that icky feeling everyone experiences while de-toxing. 
That tool (blessing) is your juicing software
Thanks so much for your kind help and outstanding dedication to make ”Healthier” easier.
Peace be with you,
Vernon and Judy



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