Do you suffer with Low Back Pain?

Low back pain can be a very complex matter and pain is a signal to the body that something is wrong.  There are many different structures around your lumbar spine (low back) and pelvis that can potentially cause pain in the area as you can see below. It is advised to seek a professional if your problem persists.   Chiropractic manipulation is a treatment that has been shown to have a high success rate treating low back pain.  Chiropractic physicians specialize in the diagnosing and treatment of low back injuries.  The Chiropractic physician, Dr. Weisz, at Chiropractical Solutions is skilled at determining both the cause and solution to low back injuries. No one should have to live their life with low back pain. To schedule your free consultation with Dr. Weisz to see if he may be able to help please e-mail or call 773-598-5851 today.

Low back pain is one of the most common ailments that today's population and work force suffer from so take your first step toward having less pain and being able to do the activities you used to. 



Picture above shows the various Back muscles attaching to portions of the spine, ribs, and pelvis.